Scene-setting your new Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

It does not matter whether you are American or Canadian, you will love Prince Edward Island. Those of you who have already been on at least one trip there should already be in love with this idyllic setting to one of the most famous literary classics of the last century. It does not matter whether you are North American or from the British Isles, Irish even, if you have a love for the Anglo Saxon way and you love the words, you should fall in love with Anne Shirley.

By now she is already taken but you can enjoy her screen presence as a voyeur of sorts after you have purchased the Anne of Green Gables DVD box set. It does not matter if you are part of the New World, the Island, or the old world, if your appreciation of culture, art and language is that strong, you will love Anne of Green Gables. It does not matter whether your roots are Anglo Saxon or Francophile, or whether you hail from the Indian sub-continent, you should find something in this story, its protagonist and supporting cast to relate to.

If you love a coming of age story then you should be drawn to Anne of Green Gables, thanks to the magnificence of its original words and the creative talent that went into producing the magnificent and award winning film series adaptation. One creative angle comes from the lens of Rene Ohashi. Not only was he able to conform to viewers’ likely sentiments, he was able to save Telefilm Canada a grateful fortune.

Anne of Green Gables DVD box set

In more ways than one, the color green predominates. But when it comes to make up effects you could be in for a shocker.