Can You Vape Around Smoke Alarms?

Many people will tell you that vapor can’t set off smoke alarms and that vaping is perfectly fine indoors. That was until a man set off a fire alarm on a plane with his vape. After he spent a night in jail, many vapers grew concerned about the potential dangers of smoking indoors.


The truth is that most fire alarms won’t detect vapor, but some will and most will if you smoke directly on them (no surprise). So when should you leave your eliquid at home?

Ionized fire alarms can detect vapor and will go off if you smoke too close to them. Avoid vaping around these types of alarms. Optical alarms are the most dangerous of all the fire alarms. Smoking around these is sure to set off a fire alarm. Don’t worry about other fire alarms like the one in your kitchen. These fire alarms work by detecting heat, not smoke, and won’t be set off by vapor.

While the incident on the plane is unfortunate, there is no real reason to worry about your eliquid setting off any alarms. Smoking in an enclosed space where smoking is banned (like on a plane) should be avoided, but smoking in other public areas where smoking is allowed shouldn’t be any cause for concern. As long as you follow the rules and regulations of the place you’re in, you’ll be fine.

Smoking in hotel rooms is another risky decision. While many hotel rooms do not expressly forbid vaping, their fire alarms do tend to be sensitive. Avoid smoking in hotel rooms and if you do, smoke out of a window. Setting off the alarm with a vape could cause you to receive a fine or be banned from the hotel (in extreme cases).